17 April 2011

München: Mittagessen und Kirchen

Post-dated from April 17-18 in München

Munich has a much slower pace than Amsterdam, with less of a tourist element. It is rewarding to walk around the city as we have been doing for the last couple of days, as there are also more unique sights and locations than the almost-identical streets in Amsterdam.

Many churches (Kirchen) and other evidence of age-old religion, military power, and awe-inspiring structures to assert control over the proles.

Lunch at Ratskellar was great - got to try some local Wurst (sausage) finally. Contrast that with a Subway dinner (with beers) which provided a different European twist to the ordinary sandwich. The bread was mostly white or Vollkorn (lots of seeds and other tasty detritus) and the cheese was full and bitter tasting. Huge amounts of slathered sauce was the only option at the end of the sandwich-making, much to our Canadian dismay. But the beer (from a brewery established in the 1400s) was good.