25 April 2011

Schallerbach Waterpark

Yesterday Hertha and Gudrun took us to the Schallerbach Waterpark, which is an indoor / outdoor sulphur pool with waterslides that is part of a larger resort for health and relaxation. Apparently the sulphur pools are supposed to be good for your bones and joints, and in some cases are recommended by doctors.

Guests are able to swim from the inner pool right through to the outside part as well as being able to play in the waves made by the wave machine inside. The waterslides were lots of fun too, with one of the large slides coming from inside and then looping around outside before landing in a large pool of water with your speed down the slide being displayed on an electronic screen. They also used a wrist chip system to track the guests around the park, so that they could tell how long you have been there and also allow you to use the electronic lockers.