05 May 2011

Klagenfurt, Austria

We arrived in Klagenfurt, Austria last Wednesday to visit another part of the Horky family: Manfred and Orianna, my uncle and aunt, and two more of my cousins, Andreas and Susie.

Klagenfurt is built more like a small city than the towns that we visited around the Attersee, and has some of the city amenities that we are accustomed to from city living in Canada. There is a vibrant social nightlife as well as more shopping than any one person could afford. There is a core downtown that is more than just a couple blocks and large cultural buildings and landmarks that show off the history and pride of the city.

Andreas was nice enough to let us stay at his apartment while he stayed at the family home, which was a similar experience to renting our own apartment. It was close to the grocery store (the Eurospar), bus routes and only a 20 minute walk to the city centre.

Most days we were given the morning to explore, which we did with walks down to the water, into the city, and one day to the See Fest music festival.

During the day the family took us on various outings, to see Andreas' work, for a historical tour of the city,  and a visit to the gargantuan Burg Hochosterwitz.

In the evenings Orianna treated us to many an Italian meal, allowing us to experience traditional lasagna, spaghetti Bolognese, and clamshell pasta with Alfredo sauce. Great cooking and a good chance to have a lively chat about traveling with the family.

Later at night on Friday and Saturday Andreas and Susie showed us some of the nightlife of the city and surrounding areas. Lots of fun and some good music.

Going to miss the Klagenfurt Horkys, hope to come back soon to visit again!