14 May 2011

Nice, France (video)

We arrived in Nice with no real plan, aside from visiting the beautiful beaches en route to Barcelona, but the stay was well worth it.

For one, we met some Finnish friends Jarkko and Petra on the train from Ventimiglia, and they ended up coming back to our hostel to stay, cook, and tell us more about Finland than we could ever hope to learn on our own. We hope to see you guys again some time, maybe back in Finland!

The beaches were indeed very nice in Nice, and we took our time lounging about on them soaking up the sun.

The French cuisine we sampled consisted of crepes (both sweet and salty varieties) and the local Nice specialty Socca, which is similar to a crepe but made out of chickpeas.

A day trip to Cannes was an interesting view into the high life of the rich and famous, with Amelie and Charles our Canadian friends.

The old town of Nice also presented some good nightlife. Going out with Jarkko, Petra and Jani (another Finn friend), we met more Finns (the Finns seem to be able to detect fellow Finns in crowds), more Canadians, and even an Australian or two.

Nice was a great French beach town to meet many new friends and visit the nearby hotspot cities.