18 January 2013

Connecting with Others: Vulnerability

Photo Credit: ousooner44

When talking about getting together and connecting with others I think Seth has gotten it right on pretty much all his points here, but the one that stands out for me was about vulnerability.
When we get together with others, it either works or it doesn't. For me, it works if there's vulnerability and openness and connection. If it's likely you'll meet someone (or many someones) that will stick with you for years to come, who will share their dreams and their fears while they listen to and understand yours. (At most events, people are on high alert, clenched and protective. Like a cocktail party where no one is drinking.)
In any social situation it is all too easy to put up a wall of ice between you and another person. But to truly get anywhere you need to be able to expose yourself - to put your raw ideas out in the open, vulnerable to whatever the response may be. If you have found the right person the response will be respectful, caring and open, offering you the same intimacy of thought that you had first offered.