08 May 2011

Venezia, Italia (video)

Venice is one of a few entirely unique places on Earth, and coming back a second time confirms for me that its calm beauty will not disappear until it has been totally submerged by the rising tide. Each year the water level rises higher, in winter causing the ground floors of houses to flood. Maybe someday the spectacle of Venice will be part of diving tours in the area.

Venice accommodations can be difficult to find. The labyrinthine streets sometimes look very similar or are not marked with clear street names, and the doors to the different addresses can be very small and easy to miss. We lucked out, as our Hotel Antico Capon room was within 5 minutes walking distance of the bus station where we arrived. We looked all over the net for the best deal in a short period before we arrived in Venezia central, and for €70 per night it was a very good for a private room in the city on such short notice.

During the days we would go out and explore the city, including the many churches, palaces, and of course the beauty of the canals. Mask shops and other boutiques dominate here, with many creative and wild costumes every 10 feet.

The food is great too. Breakfast of a croissant or a panini and a cappuccino, and then a cheap lunch of massive slices of thin-crust pizza. Dinner was usually more fancy, dining on the edge of the canal or outside on the patio under heat lamps at one of our more local restaurants. We tried the typical Italian spaghetti and the lasagna as well, both which met our approval.

Great second visit to Venice. I hope to return again some day.